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Parent Encouragement Program (PEP) in Kensington, MD.  A local nonprofit that has provided parent education and support to parents of kids of all ages for the past 25 years. PEP offers parenting classes and community speakers and has worked with schools throughout Montgomery County.

Phone: 301-929-8824                                            Fax: 301-929-8834
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MCPS/MCCPTA Home-School Partnership Resource Notebook (1998)

List of support groups in and around Montgomery County

Upcoming Workshops and Seminars around Montgomery County related to parenting.

• Montgomery County Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health, Inc.
Solutions Support Group
FLAVORS Educational Workshops

School Psychology Resources for Psychologists, Parents and Educators.

The Parent's Place at Newport Mill Middle School is open to all MCPS parents.  Weekly drop in sessions each Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30-11am; Thursday sessions in Spanish. Call 301.962.3818 for more information.

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