MCCPTA Administrative (Non-Standing) Committees 2011-2012

Committee Name & Chairperson(s) Committee Description

Cable TV

Suzanne Weiss

Provides programming focused on the mission of PTA and current activities of local PTAs and children.
Cultural Arts

Priscilla Peterson

Oversees an introductory workshop for cultural arts chairs from local schools, and supports high-quality performances to enrich the educational program of children in MCPS. Shares successful programs among local schools and cooperates with the chair of the Superintendent’s Committee for Performances in the Schools.

Advocacy Events


Student Involvement

Richie Yarrow
Zoey Tang


Lynn Harris
Monica Sanchez

Assists MCCPTA with advocacy in state and county education issues and legislation, and represents MCCPTA on county, state and federal legislative committees. Serves as liaison with Maryland PTA and the National PTA. Informs MCCPTA delegates on legislative issues and changes.


Deb Lang

Responsible for maintaining the five MCCPTA email lists: MCCPTA_Bulletin, MCCPTA_Board, MCCPTA_Presidents, MCCPTA_Delegates, and MCCPTA_Treasurers.
Bylaws / Standing Rules

Susan Fleck

Maintains the MCCPTA local PTA/PTSA bylaws file and initiates amendments to MCCPTA bylaws as needed. Conducts workshops to assist local PTAs with bylaws procedures.

Nominates candidates for MCCPTA elected officers and oversees nomination of Area Vice Presidents and Cluster Coordinators.  This committee consists of seven members, one from each area and one at large.
President/Principals Dinner

Dale Ryan

Presidents/Principals Dinner - Plans the annual Spring Dinner to honor PTA presidents, principals, and other advocates of education.

Public Relations


Furthers community awareness of MCCPTA's work by publicizing activities and positions. Serves as a liaison to the media, speaks for MCCPTA as requested and advises on public relations.


Chris McDermott
Melissa McDonald

Oversees the Reflections Program, a National PTA program, offering students an opportunity to submit and display their creative work.


Jill Trone

Awards /Honors - Selects recipient for MCCPTA Partners in Education Award and encourages local PTAs to apply for awards. Oversees the Life Membership subcommittee, which takes recommendations and selects recipients for Life Membership Awards given each year at the Presidents Principals Dinner.


Suzanne Weiss

Works with the Maryland PTA to plan and provide PTA training. Responds to training requests from local PTAs. Builds a cadre of trainers, and works cooperatively with MCPS on joint training for parents and staff.


Doni Strassel

Provides education and news about PTA on the MCCPTA website.

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