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  • Established April 17, 1944, as a federation of the PTAs in the County
  • Serves as a key link between the local PTA, State PTA, and National PTA
  • Provides background information on issues affecting children and youth
  • Does training of local PTA officers and committee chairs
  • Holds President exchanges
  • Puts together a directory of all the PTAs -- the "Bluebook"
  • Mobilizes PTA membership throughout the county on countywide, state, and national issues affecting children and youth
  • Testifies before the school board and county council
  • Adopts positions on proposed state legislation and lobbies in Annapolis
  • Offers workshops for local PTAs on topics requested such as parent involvement, advocacy, and team-building
  • Worked to secure a junior college, home rule, and an elected school board
  • Words with MCPS to provide parent representations for task forces and study groups and to disseminate information about changes in the school system, about school board policies, and state actions
  • Has a Board of Directors made up of cluster coordinators, AVPs, committee chairs and MCCPTA officers
  • Sponsors the PTA Presidents/Principals Dinner each spring
  • Keeps a library of materials at the office for use of PTA members
  • Supports the local PTAs

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