Minutes MCCPTA Delegates Assembly
September 26, 2006
Carver Educational Services Center


Call to Order: April Keyes, Vice President for Programs called the meeting to order at 7:38 PM.

Mission of PTA.-Sharon St.Pierre, Vice President for Educational Issues


Introduction:  April Keyes introduces, Jane de Winter, MCCPTA President


MCCPTA President -- Jane de Winter reminds all that meetings are to start promptly at 7:30 PM and reminded Delegates that they will have folders at these meetings with meeting/program materials as well as items of information to take back to their local PTAs.


MCCPTA Officers for 2006-07 are introduced:  VP for Education Issues, Sharon St. Pierre, VP for Administration, Cassandra Abdelmeguid, VP for Programs, April Keyes, VP for Legislation, Victor Salazar, Recording Secretary for Delegate Assemblies, Kay Romero, Recording Secretary for Board of Directors, Liz Wheeler and Treasurer, Juan Johnson


Area Vice Presidents (VPs) are elected by their areas and their roles in MCCPTA are to oversee clusters, interact with clusters and as issues arise for clusters they are the next step up.


Clarksburg, Magruder, Damascus, Gaithersburg, Watkins Mill- Allyson Morrison

Seneca Valley, Northwest, Poolesville, Quince Orchard- Jim Keenan

Churchill, Richard Montgomery, Rockville, Wootton- Kate Savage

Blake, Paint Branch, Sherwood, Springbrook- Debra Stevens-Panzer, Phil Kauffman

Blair, Einstein, Kennedy, Northwood- Sally Taber

B-CC, Walter Johnson, Walt Whitman, Wheaton- Liz Brennan


As Delegates you are a conduit for information from locals to us.  You are asked to bring local views and concerns forward as well as take back items from MCCPTA as addressed in Delegates Assemblies and elsewhere. PTA Presidents need to make sure to have time on PTA agendas to hear from your Delegates about information from MCCPTA Delegate Assemblies as well as being informed as to the big picture of what is going on in other parts of county.  PTAs will be hearing about resolutions in October from Delegates.


Folders will contain items of information from MCCPTA, MCPS and other community groups’ activities. Delegate Assembly General Protocol Sheet, Must Do’s for PTAs, as well as agendas for assemblies are some items in folders tonight along with other items. Presidents received handbooks for Delegates in June to be distributed to Delegates and other officers.  The handbooks are also located on MCCPTA website for downloading or you can notify MCCPTA Office for copies.


There will be programs at assemblies approximately 1/2 hour to 45 minutes. (Please note the slight change in time for the upcoming BOE Candidates Forum meeting). Board of Education Candidates Forum is on October 24, 2006, 7PM-8PM. This will involve brief statements from the candidates then questions.  The MCCPTA business meeting will be immediately after Board of Education Candidates Forum. First on the agenda will be the pending resolutions then the remainder of the business meeting. Delegate Assembly programs are taped and replayed on MCPS TV channels in case you may want to review a particular program or have your school communities view programs.


Resolutions are statements of beliefs and positions. Resolutions will be introduced one month to anticipate any edits, changes.  Delegates will be asked to take back to locals, seek local’s opinions while sharing the information and background of resolutions. Delegates should also report back any changes your locals would like to make or concerns from locals.  The following month, Delegates should be prepared to participate in vote representing your local PTA’s position.


Any Delegate or PTA President can bring a resolution to assembly.  There are times resolutions can be referred to a particular committee for follow-up, more research, background information or clarifications.


Agenda: Tonight we have 2 resolutions to be introduced, proposed budget, as well as minutes from May Delegates Assembly. We need motions to approve, seconds to motions proposed and take votes to move things forward.


Approval of Minutes:


On motion made and seconded, draft minutes for the May 23, 2006 Delegates Assembly were approved as corrected by show of hands vote.


Treasurer’s Report:  Juan Johnson, MCCPTA Treasurer presented proposed budget for 2006-07 with comparison to last year’s budget.  Dues were increased from $.75 to $1.00. President/Principal Dinner funds are a wash as money taken in goes back out in expenses for dinner.  Juan explained why dinner will cost more this year as location will change along with other cost related increases involved.


Motion was made and seconded to accept budget.  Budget for 2006-07 was approved as presented by show of hands vote.


Juan introduced MCCPTA Balance Sheet as of September 25, 2006. It was noted that $19,000 was held in reserve to anticipate payment for 1st installment of insurance for locals by MCCPTA.  Local PTAs are then billed.


Follow-up question was asked if all PTA activities are covered under insurance.  Juan noted that most not all activities are covered under general liability such as for book fairs, regular events, meetings and Back to School Nights, etc. Special events that are possibly high risk may need rider and may not be covered under general liability. Phone insurance agent (David Feldmann) to make sure and get further information.  Information concerning this issue is provided in Treasurer’s handbook.  If PTAs should need a Certificate of Insurance for verification needs, that can be obtained from insurance agent.  The contact info is in Blue Book, treasurer’s handbook and website. Every month there should be a treasurer’s report on PTA meeting agendas.


MCCPTA Profit and Loss Statement for July 1 through September 25, 2006 was presented.


Committee Report:  Ted Willard, Co-Chair of Curriculum Committee updated all on 2 resolutions passed last year—Resolution on use of films in schools as well as resolution concerning social studies and science curriculum. Last week a MCPS memo was sent to schools concerning film use as well as parental permission for some aspects.  Office of School Performance is meeting with elementary principals in addressing science and social studies curriculum needs in elementary schools.  It is stressed that school communities need to follow up on school based decisions in this area.





Business Items-Introduction of Proposed Resolutions: 


Resolution #1—Proposed Resolution on Health Technicians


Rich Edelman, Co-Cluster Coordinator for the Wootton Cluster and Frost MS Delegate, introduced the Health Technician Resolution (Health Room Aides) for delegates to take back to locals for discussions before this resolution is brought back in October for vote.


Motion to bring this resolution forward was made and seconded. Action will be taken on this resolution at the October Delegates Assembly.


Proposed Resolution on Health Technicians

Presented by:  Rich Edelman, Co-Cluster Coordinator for the Wootton Cluster and Frost MS Delegate


Whereas most MCPS Schools have Health Room Aides for between 5

and 6 hours;


Whereas MCC PTA believes that 5 or 6 hours of Health Room Aide

coverage is insufficient to meet the needs of our children; it is


Resolved that MCC PTA supports and will advocate for increased

Health Room Aide services so that a Nurse or Health Room Aide will

be on duty at every school from ˝ hour before the start of the school

day to ˝ hour after the end of the school day.


Additional Background:

MCPS has Nurses who are Registered Nurses, but they are typically

assigned to two or three schools and split time between/among them.


All schools have Health Room Aides who are Certified Nurse

Assistants (generally they have over 100 hours of training for



No school has full day Nurse and Health Room Aide coverage.


The Health Room Aide position is funded not from MCPS but from the

Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services.

[Advocacy on this issue would have to be direct to the County


Entry level pay for Health Room Aides is $15 per hour.


Expansion of Health Room coverage for some schools was discussed

as part of the County Council deliberations on the FY ‘07 Budget, but

additional spending was not authorized for this year.


Informational questions/issues are raised:  Who pays?  We would advocate for County Council to appropriate funds. Discussion was done previously at County Council last spring and follow up needed.


This would be funded by Department of Health and Human Services in which County Council can appropriate funds.


Need report from MCCPTA Health and Safety Committee as May Delegate Assembly minutes reflected this being referred to committees.


Legal questions are raised about before school and after school. Does this correlate with teacher hours?


Various discussions concerning children who are diabetic and with significant health needs about resolution proposed and having staff available to cover these issues when substitutes are needed. Floater aides in schools……?


Question raised on cost of this?  One attendee noted it could be around $600,000 as estimated for one hour coverage per school.


Is this in school budget?  It is not as this is separate line in county budget.


Hours-6 ˝ for health tech and 8 hours for school nurse—Clarification on this item needed-What are the allocations per each?


Nurses assigned 2 to 3 schools with only a few schools having full time coverage between both nurses and health aides.  Everyone else has less than full day.


A couple of schools may have full time nurses for specific needs in school community the rest of schools less than full day


For schools with high needs substitutes go to those first


Use listserv for discussion/ideas concerning this resolution.


Resolution #2--Proposed Student Service Learning Hours (SSL) Resolution


Sharon St.Pierre, MCCPTA VP for Education Issues brought forward a resolution for Student Service Learning (SSL) Hours


SSL hours are community service hours to fulfill graduation requirements.


Background:  State mandated 75 hours under COMAR.

Since 2003 MCPS has had waiver from state for 60 hours to help meet MCPS goals for SSL hours to be of higher quality and more meaningful. Maryland State Department of Education has asked MCPS in May 2006 to increase SSL hours from 60 hours to 75 hours with October as timeline for Dr. Weast to respond with how to and when this will be done. Maryland State Department of Education wants to start with this year’s sophomore class.


The Superintendent’s advisory board met and wants this new requirement to start with 8th graders due to 4 year planning with guidance counselors, parents and students.

Starting in 8th graded was a good place to begin this compromise with complete notifications of expectations to all in high school planning. Dr. Weast is in agreement with compromise for starting with 8th graders and is in talks with Dr. Grasmick.


Resolution is being presented for 8th grade so as to have MCCPTA go on record with a position while MCPS lobbies Maryland State Department of Education just in case that does not work out. MCCPTA will then have an official position in case we have to lobby Maryland State Department of Education. Motion to bring this resolution forward was made and seconded. Action will be taken on this resolution at the October Delegates Assembly.


Proposed Student Service Learning Hours (SSL) Resolution

Presented by: Sharon St.Pierre, MCCPTA VP Educational Issues


WHEREAS, Maryland State Dept of Education (MSDE)

mandates 75 SSL hours for all students as a requirement

for graduation under COMAR (Code of Maryland



WHEREAS, MCPS was granted an exemption to this

requirement, and set a requirement of 60 SSL hours. On

May 2006, MSDE wrote to MCPS requesting that MCPS

raise its SSL requirement to the state standard of 75 hours

and begin this requirement with the class of 2009 (current

10th grade class).


WHEREAS, students in their 8th grade year create their 4-

year plan, and are notified of graduation requirements at

that time.


MCCPTA RESOLVES, that the state mandated increase

of SSL hours from 60 to 75 should begin with the

graduating class of 2011 (current 8th graders).


Continued discussion:

Question was asked if State PTA has a position on SSL hours.  


Other counties have 75 requirements for SSL while we are the only county with 60 hours for SSL requirements


Question was raised if PTAs are on SSL forms as approved activities? SSL hours are for community related activity. SSL hours for some activities have to be pre-approved.


Concerns were raised about older students fulfilling this requirement especially if they transfer into school system late.


This proposed resolution deals with when do you want 75 hours to start 8th grade or 10th grade? Does MCCPTA need to have a position at all? We need feedback from school communities.  More information will be provided via listserv.


The resolution was brought forward by motion and seconded.


Delegates are being asked to take back to their school communities for feedback, edits or additions.


Operating Budget: Dr. Jane De Winter provided information about the operating budget and officer activity concerning MCPS budget.


FY2008-Strategic Planning Forum and items related to this are in folders.


The Strategic Plan Summary is a synopsis of MCPS’s Strategic Plan.  The full strategic plan is located on the MCPS website.


A blue feedback card from MCPS was provided in folder to be filled out and mailed.  MCPS was to have provided additional cards in English as well as in additional languages so Delegates could take back to school communities for PTAs to fill out.  MCCPTA will follow up as to whereabouts of the extra cards needed by locals and post to Bulletin Listserv about how to obtain more blue feedback cards for your PTAs and school communities. More information will also be provided on how to obtain the blue feedback cards in languages other than English for your individual schools. It is important for PTAs to fill these cards out as this is what MCPS will use to address budgetary issues.  MCPS and others have indicated it is going to be a tougher budget year. Fill out as many cards as you need and fill out as well on MCPS website. Feedback cards are due back by end of October.


The 4 questions to be answered on blue feedback card from MCPS are: In what areas is the school system doing well?  In what areas can the school system improve?  If Board of Education received extra resources for the operating budget, what would be the best use of the resources?  High School students must pass the High School Assessments (HSA) in order to graduate starting with the class of 2009. What is needed to ensure that all high school students pass the HSA exams? Your input is crucial.  MCPS website has the 4 questions posted there to be filled out and submitted online and website info is on blue cards. Locals need to make sure to post this information on their school listservs. MCCPTA will follow-up with school system about what information was gathered from blue cards.


On bulletin board in auditorium the feedback gathered from summer area meetings that MCCPTA officers had with each of the 6 quad clusters is posted on wall this evening.  Please review for what we need to do for advocacy priorities as an organization. This helps to identify areas of concern for budgetary advocacy. This also includes items identified from last year in area meetings. A comment was noted that MCCPTA needs to ask for transparency in MCPS budget.


Reminder was given about October 7, 2006 MCCPTA training for PTAs at Carver. Flyer and information about each of the 21 sessions offered are in folders. 


Volunteers are needed to work on a committee concerning ICB issues.  If you are interested please provide your name and contact information.


Committee Briefs and Fair:  Committees and their role in organization were highlighted.  Each Committee Chair or Co-Chair was introduced. Committee leadership gave information about what their committees do. It was noted that after meeting is adjourned attendees should visit committee tables to hear about committee work and volunteer for any committee they would like to help with.


Listings and contact information for all MCCPTA Officers, Area/Cluster Coordinators and Committee Chairs for 2006-07 was provided in folders.


Adjournment:  The business meeting was adjourned at 9:24 PM