Thursday, July 7, 2005 at the Carver Educational Services Center




Officers: Cindy Kerr, Shirley Brandman, Victor Salazar, Jinhee Wilde, Sharon St. Pierre, Liz Wheeler, Juan Johnson (interim treasurer)


Area Vice Presidents and Cluster Coordinators: Ted Willard, Jim Keenan, Phil Kaufman, Jud Ashman, Ellen Paul, Lori Merrill, Marney Jacobs, Suzanne Weiss, Meredith Walters, Allyson Morrison, Susan Joyce Thomas, Carroll Lovelace, Jane deWinter


Committee Chairs: Kay Romero, Patti Twigg, Vicki Rafel, Neal Myerson, Paula Robinson, Tracy Fox



At 7:31 PM before going to the agenda and officially calling the meeting Cindy Kerr shared her recent experience, training and objects collected at the National PTA convention, which she and April Keyes attended. She would like to have MCCPTA incorporate the themes of National PTA – inclusion and diversity. She has met with Dr. Weast regarding the “Three for Me” parent involvement program - a promise to volunteer 3 hours in school signed by parents and given to the principal. She sees a need for us to discuss and establish a membership chair. Committee chairs will not be voted on tonight, we’ll wait until August, and no substantive business will be conducted. Comment upon our resolution on directories from MD PTA and National PTA won’t be received in writing until August or early September. The issue of tonight’s July Executive Board meeting being in compliance was raised. Discussion of our bylaws concluded that tonight’s meeting is not “special”, so we’re in compliance. One dissention on the record, from Suzanne Weiss, was made to having the meeting tonight. Everything will be mailed to those cluster coordinators and Area Vice Presidents not in attendance tonight.



Call to Order: MCCPTA President Cindy Kerr called the meeting to order at 7:36 PM. The agenda was clarified to state that the president would not nominate committee chairs, officers will share their work on committees, but no vote would be taken on committee chairs tonight.


Meeting Minutes: The June meeting minutes stand as approved with clarification of no dissenting votes regarding the July 7 meeting, clarification of Board meaning Board of Education, EPI having two vacancies and Suzanne Weiss as committee chair attendee.


Treasurer’s Report: Interim Treasurer Juan Johnson passed out copies of the profit and loss budget overview(7/04-6/05), profit and loss budget vs. actual(7/04-6/05), treasurer’s report(7/04-6/05), and balance sheet as of 6/30/05. Juan will be officially nominated and voting for the treasurer will be done at the September Delegates’ Assembly. Office supplies and expenses exceeded the budget due to copier problems and changing of stationery. The treasurer is soliciting people to serve on a finance committee to work on the budget and audit. The treasurer will focus on the MCCPTA office management and oversight, too. Practices and procedures to pass from one executive officers board to the next will try to be standardized. In answer to questions regarding the bids for auditors, Juan stated that he will provide additional information to the 4 companies that will bid on our audit. He will bring this and the previous audit information to the August Executive Board meeting.



President:  Cindy Kerr distributed amendments to National PTA bylaws. These will in turn cause changes to MD PTA. Copies of convention resolutions on bullying; high school graduation, college preparation and access; teacher quality – equity and accountability were given out, too. The convention microphone procedures, standing rules and general protocol will be available at delegate assemblies this year. Also, needed at delegate assemblies are a banner, logo for the podium and objects and mission statement to hang on the wall.


The directories action taken last month was revisited. Cindy reviewed it with state and national. It was passed only by the MCCPTA executive board; therefore, it is not tied to the delegates. Because of fear of liability issues a pro bono attorney was contacted by Shirley Brandman. In the interest of full disclosure, Shirley offered that her husband knows Paul R. Q. Wolfson, of Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP. Paul Wolfson’s draft resolution for the consideration by the MCCPTA Executive Board was distributed and discussed. There is an option of holding action on the suggested changes until August, which could in turn mean bringing it to the Delegates’ Assembly in September, and then back to the locals before action is finally taken in October. Must first verify that National PTA said that nothing was wrong with what we had done. Discussion also included broadening the language of the resolution and the directories disclaimer distributed tonight written by the pro bono attorney. MCCPTA will use this disclaimer from the pro bono attorney on its blue book. Locals may choose to do so, too. It was suggested that locals also use it on their directory authorization forms. MCPS is altering its language for release of information, too, in reaction to complaints about recruiters. In regard to release of information, Cindy stated that from today forward she will be the only one who will approve the release of to the bulletin any motions or resolutions passed at the Executive Board meetings or at the Delegates’ Assembly.

Jud Ashman made a motion to re-consider the resolution so as to consider the recommendations of the attorney. Ted Willard seconded the motion. (Only Area Vice Presidents, Cluster Coordinators and executive officers were counted for a quorum.  Two thirds of those counted were needed to pass the motion.  (Because committee chairs have not been elected, yet, they could not vote.) The motion was passed on a standing vote.

Jud Ashman made a motion to make the changes that the attorney recommended. Sharon St. Pierre seconded the motion.

Lori Merrill made a motion to table the action by stating, “I move that we table this motion until the next executive board meeting in August.” Jud seconded Lori’s motion. It was passed with a show of hands.

Cindy will mail out a copy of the pro bono attorney’s changes to all executive board members. We will work on this in August.


Cindy shared that she, Victor and Shirley had met Sharon Cox for dinner and had discussions re: MCCPTA and the Board of Education. Luncheon with Dr. Weast included an offer to give MCCPTA a grant to reach under represented parents on a pilot basis. Dr. Weast discussed allowing the President of MCCPTA to participate in his weekly leadership meetings with unions. MCCPTA officers met with Councilman Leventhal and Subin to keep the dialogue open. The meeting with Larry Bowers discussed the upcoming three forums. Officers attended Joe Lavorgna’s retirement party. Joe will meet with us re: our motion and Policy FAA. Larry, Joe and other MCPS staff want a work group to focus on how to improve working relationship. Our issues now are more with the Board of Education than with MCPS. MCPS is asking us to help with interviews. Area Vice Presidents and Cluster Coordinators please get a list of parents, and their areas of interest, who would be willing to help with interviews.  Budget testimony will probably happen again without problems and a pre-designated time.

Councilman Denis was contacted to talk about the forums.


Each vice president who had nominations for committee chairs ready tonight shared that information.


Vice President – Educational Issues:

Shirley Brandman thanked area meeting participants.  The Board of Education action on the reconstituting of the citizens advisory committee was explained. There will be sixteen members and seven organizational slots. Two organizations (CRC and PFOX) are guaranteed slots. Students will be given one SGA slot and one individual slot. The three slots left are not pre-designated. MCCPTA must apply and provide the names of one nominee (in our case, Traci Fox) and two alternates. The Board of Education will take final action on the committee on July 27. The committee will begin work in September. MCCPTA will solicit names of people to be considered for the alternate positions, as well as all committee chair vacancies. Shirley listed the committee chairs that she will propose to Cindy to nominate and those committees that still need chairs:

Counseling and Guidance – still needs a chair

Curriculum - Deborah DeMille-Wagman and Ted Willard

Down County Consortium – Sally Taber

ESOL - Gloria Sala-Kos

Grading and Reporting – Shirley Brandman

Gifted and Talented – Susie Scofield and Diane McHale

Health – Traci Fox

High School committee – reconsider this as a task force as recommended by Alies Muskin and have high school forums

Middle School – Juan Johnson

Parent Leadership – Vicky Strella

Safety – Pam Moomau

Special Needs – Kay Romero and Anne Turner

Technology – still needs a chair


Vice President – Administration:

Victor received email yesterday re: late CIP cluster comments. The deadline has been extended to July 11. He emailed cluster coordinators with a reminder. Late clusters include: Churchill, Gaithersburg, Northwest, Poolesville, Quince Orchard, Rockville, Blair and Wheaton. Contact chair with questions. Discussion included the time of year for CIP comments. Our discussion with Joe will include this. There are three summer meetings remaining - NEC July 18, Blair quad cluster July 25 and Churchill quad cluster July 26. The concept High School affects six 6 clusters – Northwest, Quince Orchard, Magruder, Gaithersburg, Churchill and Wootton. There will be a meeting on August 15 at a time and location TBD. Our goal is to keep delegates informed, so that there are no surprises. Participation in this meeting is not restricted to members of the work group, local PTA leaders and others can attend. Discussion included parent participation. They will have on more work group meeting.


State PTA training is July 30 at BWI at Marriott. Go to the MD PTA.org to download more information.

Board of Education strategic planning meetings will be on Sept. 8, Sept. 22 and October 6. Discussion included the choice of these dates since October 6 is MCCPTA Executive Board meeting night. Larry Bowers will be told about the issue of the choice of dates.


Victor Salazar listed his nominees for committee chairs:

Blue Book – Cathy Lilja

Bylaws - Vicki Rafel

Membership – needs a chair

Nominating – chair is chosen by the committee

Training - Meredith Walters

Website - Sharon Goodall


Vice President – Legislation:

Jinhee Wilde urged support for Parent Information Resource Centers that have been eliminated from the President’s proposed for FY06 budget and in the House Labor – HHS- Education appropriations bill. She distributed a contact sheet for MD (Governor and US Senate). The MCCPTA legislative committee will have people monitoring and reporting back the actions of the Board of Education, County Council, Annapolis and Congress. This will make us more proactive and be more effective.

Nominees under Jinhee’s committee responsibilities include:

Legislation – Tom Murphy

Operating Budget - Jane de Winter

CIP – Marney Jacobs and Jim Keenan

State BOE – (new committee) vacant

Community Outreach - still needs a chair


Vice President - Programs:

Sharon St. Pierre outlined programs to be brought to the Delegates’ Assembly – bullying, career academies, getting to know MCCPTA and MCPS. She would like to have a get together with state delegations before they go back to Annapolis, and continue and add to the informal dinners with the BOE members. Committee chair nominees under her responsibility:

Cable TV – April Keyes

Reflections – Neal Myerson

Cultural Arts – Vacant

Special Events – Paula Robinson


Recording Secretary:

Liz Wheeler is nominating Patti Twigg to be the chair for the Listserv Committee.


Corresponding Secretary:

April Keyes will be soliciting a committee chair for the Spotlight.


Descriptions will be posted on the list for committee vacancies.


AGENDA ITEMS – New Business:

Area Meetings - Question of how the area meetings are incorporating the lists from last year and this year led to discussion of common themes. Meetings have been positive and exciting. Report will be done on that in August.

Training: Thanks from Vicki Rafel to those who helped with training in June. $182.50 will be refunded because of lack of air conditioning and microphone. Refund was sent in error to the old MCCPTA address. Vicki followed up on this and will ask for copy of the cancelled check if not received by next week. The handbooks not distributed at training were sent to the home schools. Copies and updates are available on the website, too.

High Schools: Shirley Brandman spoke on behalf of Alies Muskin’s request to open up discussion regarding making high school topics relevant to parents based upon the recent MCPS annual designing high schools for the future conference. Are there other topics that we want included? Topics listed now include (listed on the web, too): goals, academies, rigor and relevancy, vertical teaming, small learning communities, helping students with disabilities, parent involvement, comprehensive school advisory programs, and school parent partnerships. Report on this will be given at the August meeting.

Work Groups: Parent Lauren Ingram is serving on the work group for gifted and talented. He’s writing updates and will report back to us. Parent Karin Chenowith is serving on the MCPS work group for high school accountability and is reporting, too. We will be writing responses based upon their recommendations.

The work group looking at academic eligibility (Juan Johnson, Alies Muskin, Allsyon Morrison and Diane Rothstein and Shirley Brandman) did not reach consensus on the Board of Education policy, but did agree that all schools should have more supports in place to have students become academically eligible and should provide additional guidance office resources to make connections to extra curricular activities. Numbers of ineligible students will be released and MCCPTA should comment.

Cindy Kerr has been serving as co-chair with Jane Butler on policy on family and community partnership. The Board of Education’s recommendations will be shared if available at the August MCCPTA executive board meeting. MCCPTA can write a minority report if we are not in agreement. MCCPTA will try to identify all policies that will be coming up, to be worked through committees.

Policies: Shirley Brandman said that Policy BFA (policy on policies) will be finalized by the Board of Education on July 27. It should be on their website soon. MCCPTA’s comments re: public hearings on all policies were not included. 

MCPS Interviews- MCCPTA has been helping MCPS with interviews for ESOL, foreign language director, director of curriculum and instruction, health and human resources coordinator, policy director, director of health curriculum, and two new consortium directors. All choice process programs will now be under the consortium directors. MCPS has rushed to fill vacancies for principals, community superintendents and directors of school performance (including additional positions) before next week’s Board of Education meeting.

Listserv: Patti Twigg’s document listserv etiquette and listserv information distributed.  Discussion concluded that suggestions can be emailed to Patti to bring to the August executive board meeting, so that decisions can be made on what to present to the delegates in September. The disclaimer will remain on the executive board list. The delegate list disclaimer will be left for now. Please respect copyright requirements. Old cluster coordinators and committee chairs will be removed from and new ones added to the list.




Grading and Reporting: Shirley Brandman stated that the draft for training for leadership teams was not adequate. Mailings will be sent to parents to MS and HS in late July as an overview. Students will get written specific procedures and teachers will distribute information at Back to School Nights. August 18 the Grading and Reporting Committee meeting will be at CES at 7:30 PM. Parents must be included at the local school level, and hopefully parents will participate at our committee level. The parent liaison is not a workable solution. The delegates’ listserv will get further information from Shirley.



ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 9:43 PM.