Thursday, August 25, 2005 at the Carver Educational Services Center

(This special meeting was re-scheduled from Thursday, August 4, 2005 due to lack of quorum.)



Officers: Shirley Brandman, Victor Salazar, Jinhee Wilde, Sharon St. Pierre, Liz Wheeler, April Keyes, Juan Johnson (interim treasurer)


Area Vice Presidents and Cluster Coordinators: Ted Willard, Jim Keenan, Lori Merrill, Marney Jacobs,  Carroll Lovelace, Jane deWinter, Pamela Megna, Bob Braun, Deborah Stevens-Panzer, Lilo Mitz, Deborah DeMille-Wagman, Steve Crowley, Alies Muskin, Will Rabinovich, Kristin Trible, Karen Smith, Roseanne Hurwitz, Geri Ginsberg


Committee Chairs: Kay Romero, Patti Twigg, Meredith Walters, Vicki Rafel, Neal Myerson, Paula Robinson, Dean Chang, Susie Scofield, Debbie Selecman, Linda White, Anne Turner, Tom Murphy



Call to Order: MCCPTA Vice President – Educational Issues Shirley Brandman called the meeting to order at 7:34 PM. Shirley ran the meeting in Cindy Kerr’s absence. Shirley introduced our two visitors from MD PTA – Marilyn Ryan, Rules and Procedures Chairman and Bernadette Forman Vice President for Councils. (Cindy’s president’s letter had informed the executive board members that they would be joining us this evening. See officer’s reports for their comments.)


Ballot Vote:

Shirley asked April Keyes to distribute the numbered ballots listing all of the committee chairs nominated by Cindy Kerr. Two names were added to the original list distributed – Linda White and Dean Chang (technology co-chairs).  A question was raised about the vote allotted to two committee chairs with the answer being that while they may share the work they only are allowed one vote on the executive board.  The voting procedure will be reviewed for clarification before all future votes are taken. Roseanne Hurwitz, Bernadette Forman, Marilyn Ryan, and Carroll Lovelace tallied the votes while we proceeded with the meeting. The results of the vote by the executive board (25 ballots with 1 invalidated) were that all candidates appointed were confirmed as listed below. Ballots were destroyed with permission of the body by a show of hands.

          Counseling & Guidance:            Debbie Selecman

            Curriculum:                               Deborah DeMille-Wagman/ Ted Willard

            ESOL:                                      Gloria Salas-Kos         

            Gifted Child:                             Susie Scofield/Diane McHale

            Grading & Reporting:               Shirley Brandman

            Health                                       Tracy Fox

            High School (Task Force)        Alies Muskin

            Middle School                          Juan Johnson

            Parent Leadership                     Vicky Strella

           Safety                                         Pam Moomau

           Special Education                      Kay Romero/ Anne Turner

           Technology                               Dean Chang/Linda White

            Bylaws:                                    Vicki Rafel

           Training:                                    Meredith Walters

            Membership:                              Vacant

            Cable TV:                                April Keyes

            Reflections:                              Neal Meyerson

            Special Events:                         Paula Robinson

            Cultural Arts:                            Vacant

            Public Relations:                       Vacant

           CIP:                                          Marney Jacob/ James Keenan

           Legislative Committee:               Thomas Murphy
           Operating Budget:                     Jane De Winter
           Community Outreach: 

                    (grassroots advocacy)      Vacant     

           Finance Committee:                  Juan Johnson

            MCCPTA Office:                     Juan Johnson

            Website                                    Sharon Goodall

            Spotlight Newsletter                  Vacant

            Listserves Moderator                Patti Twigg

Meeting Minutes: The July 7, 2005 executive board meeting minutes were distributed and stand as approved.

                Ted Willard made a motion to approve the minutes as written. It was seconded and passed on a voice vote.


Treasurer’s Report: Interim Treasurer Juan Johnson gave an audit update. He suggested that a two year audit was needed. He will need $4,000 for a two year audit. Our one year audit was previously authorized for $3,000.

Ted Willard made a motion to add an additional $1,000 to the original amount needed for the audit.

                The motion was seconded and passed by a show of hands.

Juan distributed a treasurer’s report which will be submitted for audit. He will separate out the monies needed for pre-paying insurance for the locals in the future budget. It’s a revolving amount of money. Committee chairs need to budget for their expenses.




President:  Cindy Kerr had requested that MD PTA representatives join us this evening to address questions and concerns about how PTA councils should operate. Marilyn Ryan and Bernadette Forman addressed the members of the executive board, distributed a handout and answered questions. Marilyn distributed a handout – “PTA Councils in Maryland”. MCCPTA is now operating under the bylaws from 9/23/02. A new template for bylaws is being sent out to councils in Maryland. They are changing some of the article numbers. The new template is due 11/1/05. Our new bylaws chair, Vicki Rafel, and her committee will get our bylaws back to MCCPTA for approval by the general membership, and then to MD PTA. A question was raised about the distribution of the template for the new bylaws. The bylaws template is only sent to the bylaws chair. The bylaws committee then presents its recommendations to the executive board. There are 30 days for the general membership to review it before voting. A question about the changes not being visible or “red lining” was answered by Bernadette that it’s up to the committee how to handle that. Some of the changes are mandatory. Marilyn reviewed her handout. In PTA the line of authority goes from the national to the state to the local. PTA councils are chartered by the state to develop leadership and cooperation. Councils have no direct line of authority. Purpose and organization

They may not dictate or legislate for the local PTA. They may not speak for the locals without their consent. Councils should not compete with or duplicate local PTAs. In MD the counties and Baltimore city are the specified areas. MCCPTA’s “must do” list is what the state requires. The question of majority (meaning the majority of locals) was answered by Marilyn that a quorum is sufficient. All members receive a notice that a meeting is being held. It is permissible for the executive board to take action on its own behalf in between delegate assembly meetings. The executive board may not take actions for the organization as a whole. The officers and executive board can continue to act in between delegate assemblies if it is noted that it is done by the executive board only. No electronic votes are allowed. No proxy or absentee votes are permitted either. It is not always necessary for us to refer actions to committees or to go to locals. If the majority of delegates present agree enough information has been provided on an issue then a vote may be taken.  Guidebooks are available for MCCPTA positions. Discussion included the need for delegates to seek the locals’ opinions or ask that the locals give them to authority to act in their behalf. Marilyn reviewed loyalty, trust and obedience to the council. She stated that once an action has been taken that members should support the council’s position or remain silent. You may not talk against positions taken by this council as a member of the executive board or the general delegate body.


Vice President – Educational Issues:

Shirley Brandman asked for feedback on the working draft for Policy ABA that on behalf of Cindy Kerr.


Vice President – Legislation:

Jinhee Wilde could set up a short legislative program  with a representative from our state delegation (state senate and house) to have them outline upcoming legislation in November at the delegates’ assembly.


Vice President - Programs:

Sharon St. Pierre distributed a proposed list of programs for the year. October’s program will also include gang violence in addition to bullying. The diversity program will include involving dads,  the Conquista tus Suenos program and the NAACP.


Recording Secretary:

In the interest of time the summary of the six area meetings for this summer will be done at the next meeting.



Old Business:

Draft resolution of proposed revisions to the directory resolution:

Our July 7, 2005 executive board meeting had proposed resolutions based upon pro bono attorney’s recommendations. Motion to approve changes as recommended was carried over to August. Discussion included comments and concerns about the actual results of the resolution and the impetus behind it from Tilden MS, Seneca Valley HS and White Oak MS.


Jane de Winter made a motion to adopt the resolution and end it after the first resolve by putting a period after misuse. The resolution would then read:

                WHEREAS each school year the local PTA units of the Montgomery County Council of PTAs (MCCPTA)

Typically compile and publish student directories that include personal and potentially sensitive information such as the names, street addresses and telephone numbers of students whose parents have agreed to have such

Information included, and

WHEREAS by common knowledge and accepted practice these directories are intended exclusively for the private use of the PTA and the local PTA communities to facilitate communication within their communities,

And are not intended to be used for any other purpose, and

WHEREAS it appears that an organization called the Citizens for Responsible Curriculum (CRC) has obtained copies of selected directories and used the information in these directories to develop a mailing list for a purpose inconsistent with the intended or appropriate use of the directories, and

WHEREAS this use of student directories by CRC in a manner inconsistent with the directories’ intended purpose has caused substantial concern among parents within the affected PTA communities, and

WHEREAS the PTAs in the affected communities are justifiably concerned that fears about potential future misuse of student directories could lead parents to withhold student directory information, thereby impairing a critical PTA asset,

NOW BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the MCCPTA Executive Board expresses the sense of the Board that CRC has misused student directories and objects in the strongest terms to that misuse.


Jane’s motion was seconded and carried on by a show of hands 22 to 3 opposed.


Ted Willard made a motion to amend the above written motion so that it reads:  the same, until the addition of reinserting the comma and (, and) after misuse, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the MCCPTA Executive Board requests that CRC cease using information obtained from PTA student directories, and to return to the affected PTAs all copies of their directory information now in the possession of CRC, in whatever form the information may exist.


His motion was seconded and carried by a show of hands 21 with 4 opposed.


Vicki Rafel made a motion to accept the resolution as amended. It was seconded and carried by show of hands (23 for and 1 opposed).


New Business:

Citizens Advisory Committee (Family Life) – The Board of Education is reconstituting the family life committee. MCCPTA is applying for one organizational position and must also submit two alternate names. They won’t use alternates unless the nominee is not accepted.

Jane de Winter made a motion to submit Traci Fox as the MCCPTA nominee for the Family Life Committee with Kay Romero and Pam Moomau as the alternates. The motion was seconded and passed with a show of hands.


Draft policy ABA advisory Committee: Cindy Kerr is a co-chair with Jane Butler on an advisory committee for the draft of policy ABA, a policy on community involvement. Shirley Brandman distributed numbered draft copies for immediate review and feedback from our discussion for Cindy to bring back to the committee before public comment. Discussion comments included: parents and PTA not being mentioned until late in the document; parents are communicated to and not a part of the process; definition of community members, should include parents and students; new language is useless to parents, so reject the whole thing – old one is fine. Definition of community needed, so reinsertion this language of lines 145 to 168; changes principal to school and superintendent to central office so name someone for accountability;  like new version because of central office and superintendent; MCCPTA only mentioned once, so what is intent of policy?; new language lacks measurability; Line 92 definition of the “underrepresented” populations isn’t specific. Central office has been substituted for principals, so ask principals union if they have seen it and if they’ll have an opportunity to comment. Cindy will let you know when it is out for public comment.


05/06 Proposed Delegate Assembly Program Schedule:

We will try to have a program followed by actions – for example teen driving program and resolutions. Programs can tie into advocacy. Invitations have been sent out for the September delegate assembly. Our committee fair will be from 7 to 7:30 PM.  This overview will help the delegates. The business meeting begins at 7:30 PM followed by the meet and greet. There was a discussion of a balance between programs and business, and the timing of programs (by month and length of program). Suggestions tonight include providing and overview of history and context for delegates, limiting programs, leaving adequate time for business, having a legislative program and having a CIP program. Officers will make adjustments to the schedule based on this feedback.

Lilo Mitz made a motion to add a May Delegate Assembly meeting. The motion was seconded and passed by a show of hands. This motion will be recommended to the delegate assembly in September.


Next Executive Board meeting:

We will meet next week for our regularly scheduled meeting. Agenda items not covered tonight will be carried over to next week’s meeting on Thursday, Sept. 1.


Local Issues:

A question was raised by a cluster coordinator on behalf of a local PTA who wanted to know if their principal should be a member of their PTA executive board. The answer is that it depends on your PTA’s bylaws.



Grading and Reporting:

Shirley said that the committee identified two purposes:  where to go with questions and how to get quicker and solutions, so MCPS wants to develop a communications center. Every principal will identify a staff member who will be their grading and reporting contact at the local level.  Bigger questions will try to be resolved at the local level. If it can’t be resolved there then, the local school level will contact the central office for that department for that curriculum level. The PTSA president can serve as the local grading and reporting contact or find another volunteer to serve in this position. Each PTA should have a way to answer grading and reporting questions serving as a point of referral. A draft letter will go out soon to local PTAs asking that each school being prepared to have a point of contact for grading and reporting. It will go out on the list serv, too, so that cluster coordinators and Area Vice Presidents can be sure that every school facilitates information going back and forth. Principals will identify contacts by the end of September.

Shirley Brandman



Meredith Walters stated that training will be held for delegates, cluster coordinators, presidents and treasurers on October 1 at Carver from 9:30 AM until 12:45 PM.  Box lunches will be provided for those staying for the second session beginning at 11:30 on statistics and data analysis.


Cultural Arts:

There is a possible co-chair for cultural arts, and Sharon is still looking for someone to co-chair.


Operating Budget Forums:

Jane de Winter distributed a FY 2007 Operating Budget Forums: Background Info handout. It will go out on the list serv, too. Jane recommends looking at the Call to Action book before attending the forums.


(Sept. 8 Rockville HS; Sept. 22 Einstein HS; Oct. 6 Northwest HS – all from 7 to 9:30 PM) There will be a half hour introduction and then break out groups. Each group will choose a representative for the panel discussion. These meetings are set and aligned with the strategic plan. MCCPTA takes the position that these forums don’t make sense without dollar figures. As parents we may give different priorities depending upon dollars. At 2 PM on Friday, Oct. 17 Jane, Shirley Brandman and Cindy Kerr will meet with Marshall Spatz and Larry Bowers regarding the forums.  Jane added that she recently found out that the class size guideline was actually cut in half – down by one student not two, during the final budget “minor cut.” She will check into that for next week’s meeting.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 9:50 PM.