Education Issues

» School Improvement  

» MCCPTA Ad Hoc Committee on the Math Audit, Spring, 2001.

» Electronic Discussion Groups:

  • Gifted and Talented Association of Montgomery County, MD, Inc. (GTA). Discussion is serious-minded, frank, and occasionally intense.Topics include advocacy for appropriate instruction in the home school, honors courses and magnet programs, accelerated math, mentoring, curriculum and assessment, understanding the opposition, charter schools, minority student achievement, and more.

» School Safety

» Block Scheduling

» Maryland Teacher Certification and Retention

» Charter Schools

» Class Size

» School Bell Time - what time should school start?

» Special Education and 504 Plans

» Internet Safety Resources

Information on other Educational Issues can be found in the ERIC database from US Dept of Education is a resource for finding academic articles on educational issues. Advice on how to use it effectively is available.

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