MCCPTA Standing Committees 2012-2013

Committee Name & Chairperson(s) Committee Description
Gifted Child

Michelle Gluck

Provides information, guidance, and support to PTAs on GT programs and issues. Serves as liaison to MCPS committees

Capital Improvement Program

Steve Augustino
Cheryl Peirce

Reviews and coordinates work of PTAs relating to the MCPS Capital Improvements Program and monitors the implementation of the MCPS Facilities Policy. Develops MCCPTA CIP budget position statements.


Amanda Graver
Laurie Halverson

Seeks to acquaint MCCPTA and local PTAs with new and changing curriculum developments at the national, state and county levels. Attends the MCPS Curriculum Advisory Committee meetings. Advocates for curriculum issues.

Elementary Education subcommittee



Secondary Education subcommittee



Health and Safety

Donna Pfeiffer
Susan Burkinshaw

Advocates, informs and supports local PTAs on issues related to the health and safety of students in the schools. This includes, but is not limited to: monitoring the implementation of the MCPS Security Plan, advocating for healthy school environments and the provision of resources to the local schools for health and substance abuse issues. Representation from this committee serves on the Montgomery County School Health Council.

Guidance and Counseling subcommittee


Serves as a liaison to the MCPS Advisory Committee on Guidance and Counseling. Provides information and resources to guidance advisory committees at the local schools. Also follows guidance curriculum and staffing issues.
Membership and Engagement

Connie DiJohonson

Strives to increase PTA membership in order to foster commitment to PTA mission and objects. Provides support to local PTAs in their membership outreach efforts.

Operating Budget


Develops MCCPTA operating budget position statements and provides information and support to local PTAs on operating budget issues.
Outreach Events

Dave Lechner

Multicultural Awareness

Antonio Hernandez-Cordoso


English Speakers for Other Languages (ESOL) subcommittee

Monica Braden

Focuses on the needs of ESOL children and their families by providing information and support. Serves as a liaison to MCPS committees.
Works to ensure the timely and appropriate implementation of laws regarding the education of children with special needs. Supports the local school committees and serves as a resource on MCPS alternative programs.
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